CS/Math 3414: Numerical Methods - Spring 2016

Tue/Thu 12.30 - 1.45pm Torgersen Hall 1060

"The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers", R. H. Hamming

Instructor:        Alexey Onufriev
Office:              2160C Torgersen Hall
Phone:              (540)231-4237
Email:               alexey AT cs.vt.edu
Office Hours:    Wed. 2-4 pm

GTA:                 Arash
Office:                MCB 106
Email:                sarshar@vt.edu
Office Hours:     Tuesdays 9:30 to 11:30 am

Text Books:

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Intro Lecture
Machine arithmetic and associated errors Homework Problem Set 1. DUE Tue, Feb 2, 11 pm.   PDF ;     Solutions to Homework 1   Solutions to Quiz 1
Tylor series in numerical computations (review)
Roots of equations Homework Project 2. DUE Tue, Feb 16, 11 pm.   PDF;     Solution to Homework Project 2   Solutions to Quiz 2
Optimization basics Homework Project 3. DUE Wed. March 16, 11 pm   PDF; Example Mathematica code Solution Highlights for Homework Project 3.
Interpolation Homework Project 4. DUE April 5, 11 pm.   PDFSolution Highlights for Homework Project 4
Least squares Homework Project 5. DUE April 14, 11 pm.   PDF   Historic Data.   The Future. Solution Highlights for Homework Project 5
Intro into "real world" numerical packages
Effective programming practices.
Systems of linear equations Homework Project 6. DUE May 2nd, 11 pm.   PDF Solution sketches for Homework Project 6.   Solutions to Quiz 4
Basics of Mathematical Modeling
Ordinary differential equations Homework Fun Project 7. Explore on your own, it's fun. Will count as extra credit, due May 6, 11 pm.   PDF
Advanced topics

Exam and quiz prep:
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  • Solutions to Midterm example problems
  • Beyond Midterm: example problems
  • Solutions to "Beyond Midterm" example problems
    Midtem and solutions:
  • Midterm solutions
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