CS 3304 Comparative Language
Spring 2002


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These are the lectures as planned for the semester.  I will usually write on the board, but am making available notes for your reference.  The "Keller" notes are from a course that I taught at Montana Tech, and the "Edwards" notes are Dr. Edwards notes for this course.  You are not responsible for starred sections unless noted.  I will not cover the material from Chapter 5 in lecture, so you should review Chapter 5 on your own before we start Chapter 6.
Topic Reading Keller Notes Edwards Notes
Introduction Chapter 1 lect01.pdf
Introduction and Language Evaluation
History and Evolution of PLs
Functional Programming Languages & SML Sect. 11.2 lect03.pdf
Language Syntax Chapter 2
to p.75
lect05.pdf Syntax
Names, Scopes and Bindings Chapter 3 lect06.pdf Names and Binding
Semantic Analysis Chapter 4 lect07.pdf
Prolog Section 11.3 lect08.pdf
Computer Architecture (you should review) Chapter 5
Control Flow Chapter 6 lect09.pdf Control Structures
Data Types Chapter 7
also 7.2.5
Control Abstraction Chapter 8 lect11.pdf Subprograms
Implementing Subprograms
Eiffel Getting Started with Eiffel Links lect12.pdf
Building Executable Chapter 9
Sects. 9.1,9.3
Data Abstraction and Object Orientation Chapter 10
Sects 1-4
Nonimperative Languages: Logic & Functional Chapter 11
Concurrency Chapter 12
Sects. 1-3
Summary lect16.pdf
Copyright Virginia Tech, 2002