CS 3304 Comparative Languages
Spring 2002


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13 February I have posted an sml "script" file that runs some examples through the interp function. This file loads the parser, the evaltypes and your solution file (make sure you change the file name). The expected output is given at the end in a comment. BTW - the parser will read let-expressions.
30 January I will be out of town on Monday and Dr. Edwards will be giving the lecture in my place. He will be covering material from chapter 3 on bindings using his course notes. A link is available on the lectures page.
28 January You might find it a little easier to test whether the grammar in the hw is LL(1) by using another approach than that taken in the book that I have described here.  Another approach is to use the algorithm given in the text.
18 January We will be using the discussion board system setup in the CS dept for course discussions. You will need to register first. You will then receive a temporary password via email, which you should change. The options allow you to hide courses that you are not taking, but there is nothing to prevent you from accessing those lists. However, you should not be posting in other courses, even if it is fun to ask McQuain inane questions. The url is http://forum.cs.vt.edu/ The listserv will not distribute your emails.

The curator is setup to take hw1. The link you should use is http://spasm.cs.vt.edu:8080/curator/ Eventually we may migrate to using the linux curator, but you will still go to the same page.

The hw1 is now due Sunday night.

 I will be back wednesday morning. Class will be held Monday on material from ch.2. The next hw will relate to ch.2.

7 January Welcome to class! Please read the syllabus.  We will have lecture on the first day.  If you want to force-add you must attend the first day and fill out a CS department specific force-add form.  Note that there is an assignment that is due Friday.
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