CS 3304 Course Notes

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 Topic  Chapter 
Introduction and Language Evaluation1
History and Evolution of PLs2
Imperative PLs (Ex: Pasal)
Functional PLs14
Logic PLs (Ex: Prolog)15
Object-Oriented PLs (Ex: Smalltalk)11
Describing Languages
Underlying Data Features
Names and Binding4
Data Types5
Arithmetic Expressions6
Underlying Control Features
Control Structures7
Implementing Subprograms9
Review Notes
Midterm Review
Final Exam Review

 Uncoverted PDF Course Notes 
Chapter Topic Download/Print
  Procedural/Imperative; Pascal PDF (6 pp., 187K)
10 Abstract Data Types PDF (20 pp., 118K)
12 Concurrent Programming PDF (22 pp., 135K)
13 Exceptions PDF (12 pp., 92K)
14 Other FPLs PDF (2 pp., 78K)
14 Standard ML Basics PDF (27 pp., 180K)
14 SML Types, Abstraction PDF (30 pp., 215K)
15 Logic Programming Intro PDF (3 pp., 129K)
15 Prolog Foundations PDF (4 pp., 139K)
15 Prolog Programming PDF (9 pp., 381K)

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