CS 3304 Scheme Resources

Scheme Used in Class
Implementation:MIT Scheme
Latest Version:7.5
Official Download (Win32):scheme-7.5.12-ix86-win32.exe
Local Mirror (Win32):scheme-7.5.12-ix86-win32.exe

 Installing MIT Scheme

  1. Follow the link MIT Scheme 7.5 Downloads (or use our

  2. Choose the binary distribution appropriate for your operating system, such as the Microsoft Windows binaries, the Linux main binaries, or the FreeBSD binaries. The remaining instructions are for the Windows install. The instructor or the GTA can help with the Linux install during office hours.

  3. Save it to the temporary folder.

  4. Run the self-extracting executable, which is self-installing.

  5. Answer the installer's questions. The installer will allow you to choose the directory in which MIT Scheme is to be installed, and the name of the folder in which the shortcuts are to be placed.

  6. Download bmi.scm.

  7. Launch the program SCHEME.EXE in the bin folder.

  8. At the scheme prompt, type in (load "bmi") and hit your return/enter key. Please include bmi in double quotes.

  9. If you receive the output:
    ; Loading "bmi.scm" - done
    ;Value: main
    then the installation was successful.

  10. Send email to edwards@cs.vt.edu if you find errors in this procedure or if you have serious difficulty installing Scheme by this procedure. You may prefer to see the instructor or the GTA during office hours.

 Useful Links

Sample Programs
LanguageName File
SchemeBody Mass Index bmi.scm
Schemeecho-input echo-input.scm
SchemeSimple Tokenizer tokenizer1.scm
SchemeTokenizer with Lookahead tokenizer2.scm
SchemeAdventure advent.scm
SchemePutting Scheme to Work work.scm


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