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Prolog Used in Class
Latest Version:4.0.0
Official Download (Win32):w32pl400.exe
Local Mirror (Win32):w32pl400.exe

 Installing SWI-Prolog

  1. Follow the link SWI-Prolog download page.

  2. Choose the binary distribution appropriate for your operating system, such as the Microsoft Windows binaries or the Linux RPM package. The remaining instructions are for the Windows install. The instructor or the GTA can help with the Linux install during office hours.

  3. Save the file w32pl400.exe to the temporary folder (C:\Temp).

  4. Execute w32pl328.exe and put the installation proceeds in folder C:\Prolog.

  5. Open readme.txt and set the environment variables as indicated under the section Further Installation.

  6. Download a prolog program (e.g., agatha_christie.pro).

  7. Rename agatha_christie.pro to agatha_christie.pl (change the extension from .pro to .pl).

  8. Launch PLWIN.EXE, a window opens with the Prolog prompt.

  9. At the Prolog prompt, type [agatha_christie]. Be sure to include the period at the end.

  10. If the compilation is indicated as successful, then your installation is also successful.

  11. Send email to edwards@cs.vt.edu if you find errors in this procedure or if you have serious difficulty installing Scheme by this procedure. You may prefer to see the instructor or the GTA during office hours.

 Useful Links

Sample Programs
LanguageName File
Prologecho_input echo_input.pro
PrologTokenizing Words word_tokenizer.pro
PrologTokenizing Expressions expr_tokenizer.pro
PrologMurder Logic agatha_christie.pro
PrologTennis Logic tennis.pro
Prolog3 Children 3children.pro
Prolog Lots of Tutorial Samples Samples


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