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E-mail the class at:  CS3304_11374@listserv.vt.edu
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CS3304 has a listserv. This listserv will be the primary source of announcements from the instructor. It is also provides a forum for students to ask questions to the class, soliciting clarifications on assignments, etc.

ALL students in the course are automatically subscribed to the listserv. Membership on this listserv is "closed", meaning that you cannot subscribe/unsubscribe on your own. Instead, send requests directly to the instructor at: edwards@cs.vt.edu.

To send a message to the entire class, send it to: CS3304_11374@listserv.vt.edu. All class members will receive it. Please include a meaningful subject line. If you are replying to an existing message, be sure to use the same subject line as the original, and add "Re: " in front. Most mail clients will handle the subject this way for you.

Please note that you may send email to the listserv only from an account that has subscribed to the listserv. If you normally send mail from more than one account, please contact the instructor to make arrangements for your alternate e-mail addresses. If you prefer to receive your mailing list messages at a different e-mail address than the one that is subscribed, contact the instructor to make this change.

The cs3304 listserv is archived in a hypermail archive available from the class web page. This archive categorizes the messages by Thread, Subject, Date, and Author.

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