CS 3304 Pascal Resources

Pascal Used in Class
Latest Version:1.0.4
Official Download (Win32):w32104.zip
Local Mirror (Win32):w32104.zip

 Installing FreePascal

  1. Grab the distribution from links above, or visit the Free Pascal Download Page (or one of its mirrors).

  2. Choose an appropriate operating system. Mr. Rao chose Win32; you might choose Linux. The remaining instructions are for the Win32 install. The instructor or the GTA can help with the Linux install during office hours.

  3. Select the most recent version (currently w32104.zip) that does not include the sources, gdb, and the gnu utilities.

  4. Save it to the temporary folder (C:\Temp).

  5. Unzip w32104.zip in the temporary folder (C:\Temp).

  6. Launch Install.exe.

  7. The compiler installs in the directory: 'C:\pp'
    Please make sure that the directory name does not have spaces embedded.
    DO NOT install in C:\Program Files\pp!

  8. After installation, add C:\pp\bin\win32 to the PATH variable.

  9. Open a command shell, and change to directory C:\pp\source\demo\win32.

  10. Compile winhello.pp, using the command 'ppc386 winhello.pp', without quotes.

  11. Execute winhello.exe to verify that your installation is correct.

  12. Send email to edwards@cs.vt.edu if you find errors in this procedure or if you have serious difficulty installing Free Pascal by this procedure. You may prefer to see the instructor or the GTA during office hours.

 Useful Links

Sample Programs
LanguageName File
PascalBody Mass Index bmi.pp
C++Body Mass Index bmi.cpp

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