CS/Math 4414: Issues in Scientific Computing - Spring 2015

Tue/Thu 3.30 - 4.45 MCB 204

"All is number", Pythagoras

"The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers", R. H. Hamming

Instructor:        Alexey Onufriev
Office:              2160C Torgersen Hall
Phone:              (540)231-4237
Email:               onufriev@cs.vt.edu
Office Hours:    Wed. 2-4 pm
GTA:          Yao Zhang
Office:               ask GTA
Email:               yaozhang@vt.edu
Office Hours: upon request    
Recommended Texts:
Syllabus: PDF
Instructor Lectures:

Student Presentations:
UNIX Basics. Each student submits 3 separate solutions via Scholar.
  • HW0. Fri Feb 6, 11 pm. INDIVIDUAL WORK. Submit via scholar
  • HW01. Tue Feb 17, 11 pm. INDIVIDUAL WORK. Submit via scholar

  • HW1. Due Tue, March 3, 11 pm. Students are encouraged to bounce ideas within their groups, but each student must submit his/her own work individually. Submit via scholar
  • HW2. GROUP WORK. Due Tue. Mar 31, 11 pm. Submit via scholar.
  • HW3. GROUP WORK. Due April 15, 11 pm. Submit via scholar.
  • HW4. INDIVIDUAL WORK. Due May 1, 11 pm. Submit via scholar.
    Homework Solution Hints
  • HW01. Solution sketch.
  • HW1. Solution sketch.
  • HW2. Solution sketch.
  • HW4. Solution sketch.

  • Brief project info
  • What to present, when, and how
  • Final report template
  • Final report template files

    Project Milestones: Project-specific notes:
  • AMBER tutorial. Due no later than one week after the mid-term progress report, but feel free to submit earlier. In fact, the sooner the better. This is part of the progress report, needed to get full points on it. Group work, but each student submits one printed report via Scholar
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