Unix on your laptop

If you use a Mac, you are almost all set. But you will still need X11 and some less common unix stuff, see below. Since 10.8, X11 no longer comes pre-installed. On a PC, your best bet is a dual boot system (CentOS is best, UBUNTU is OK. Avoid Fedora unless you have it installed already). Otherwise, follow the link below.

  • UNIX support group at VT: Everyone will eventually need LaTex -- for report preparation. Many options are available. I recommend TexMaker (a nice gui front end to Latex) for those who never used LaTex before. To install LaTex itself http://www.tug.org/mactex/ (for OS X). Windows users can google out a whole bunch of options too. Please stay away from Lyx.
    Everyone will need the latest Mathematica. Available from VT network software. You do not need Unix to run it.