CS 3304 Fall 2000 Program Assignments

The programming assignments for this course are each in a different programming language. A fundamemental element of each assignment will be that to a large extent you will be required, after a brief class room introduction, to learn the corresponding programming language on your own. Thus it will be important that you take the time to learn the language BEFORE you attempt to complete the corresponding assignment.

 Fall 2000 Program Assignments 
No.Due Title Language
19/18/00 Simple String Manipulation Language Pascal
210/9/00 Simple String Manipulation Language Scheme
310/30/00 Directed Graphs Prolog
411/29/00 Rooted Trees Standard ML

Useful Resources

Scheme, Prolog, and ML code from the Spring, 1998, programming assignments may be useful to you. In particular, there are complete implementations available for each of the assignments.

However, note that, at least for Prolog, and perhaps for Scheme and ML as well, a different language processor is being used this semester, so the syntax may differ. You may need to rewrite some of the code to make it work with your language processor. THE COMPATIBILITY DRAGON STRIKES AGAIN!

Program Submission Guidelines

For each assignment, you are to submit a printout of the source code of your program, along with any tests (both input and output) that your program passes; these pages should all be stapled together and submitted in the box outside McBryde 638 by 5:00PM on the due data. You are also to submit an electronic version of your program by email. Details of the electronic submission are on the page with each assignment. Your programs WILL be run against a test suite and your grade will depend in part on the results of that testing.

Notes on testing are available for your use.

Each programming assignment is worth 75 points, allocated as follows:

  • 40 points     Performance on the test suite developed by the GTA;

  • 25 points     Well-structured and documented code; and

  • 10 points     Quality of the tests you yourself develop and submit both as a printout and electronically.


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