CS 3304 Fall 2000 Homework Assignment 1

50 Points
Due: Monday, September 4, at 5:00PM

The point value of each problem is shown in square brackets [ ]. Your solutions must be prepared with LaTeX or other word processing system and submitted as a stapled printout to a box outside the instructor's office (McBryde 638). This homework is due at 5:00PM on September 4, 2000. No late homework will be accepted. Complete each of the following problems and turn in your work:

  1. [25] For each of the following languages, write one sentence describing an application that it is particularly suited to. Do not just give a category of applications (e.g.,"business"); rather give a specific application (e.g., "accounts payable").
    • Ada
    • ALGOL
    • BASIC
    • C
    • C++
    • COBOL
    • PL/I
    • Java
    • LISP
    • Pascal
    • Prolog
    • SIMULA 67
    • Smalltalk

  2. [25] For either C++ or Java, write two paragraphs from the perspective of Section 1.3, Language Evaulation Criteria. The first paragraph should present three positive aspects of your chosen language, gotten from your evaluation, while the second paragraph should present three negative aspects.

    Explain each aspect and include concrete examples as appropriate. (Yes, this IS a writing assignment!)


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