CS 3304: Comparative Languages

Instructor: Lenwood S. Heath
Office: 638 McBryde Hall
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 1:15-3:00
E-Mail: heath@cs.vt.edu
GTA: Deepak Rao
Office: McBryde 133
Office Hours: Thursday, Friday 2:30-4:30
E-Mail: derao@cs.vt.edu

Class Meets: MWF 9:05-9:55AM in Robeson 105

Midterm Exam: Monday, October 16, 9:05AM-9:55AM
Final Exam: Friday, December 8, 10:05AM-12:05PM


  • Saturday, December 9, 2000: Grades for the final exam are now available.
    As usual, only the last 4 digits of a student's ID are used to identify the scores. Each score is the number right times 4, making the entire exam worth 200 points.
    All course grades will be available on Tuesday. Deepak will announce office hours on Tuesday when you will be able to pick up your homework assignment 8. Also, you will be able to examine your final exam together with an answer key during his office hours. Final course grades will be posted by Tuesday evening.


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