Course Information

Course staff

  • Instructor: Ali R. Butt
    Office: 227 Knowledge Works II (KWII@CRC)
    Phone: (540) 231-0489
    Email:: butta@cs.vt.edu
    Office hours:
  • Instructor: Bill McQuain
    Office: 634 McBryde Hall
    Office hours: 10:00 - 12:00 MW, 12:00 - 13:30 TR, & by appointment

  • Teaching assistant: Peter Radics (peter.radics@vt.edu)
                                    Huijuan Shao (Huijuans@cs.vt.edu)
                                    Daniel McFarland(dmcfarl@vt.edu)
                                    Patrick Boyd - UTA (talps@cs.vt.edu)

    TA office hours will be held in McB 106 or in the systems lab at the TA's discretion. Please check in both areas before concluding that the TA isn't there. If you cannot make it to the listed office hours, email the TAs for an appointment.

  • Contact:
    • For project-specific questions, use the Forum first. We will read the forum strictly before answering our email. The forum is shared among all CS3214 sections this semester, because all sections will be using the same projects.

    • For project-related questions that you feel you cannot or do not want to post in the forum use cs3214-staff@cs.vt.edu. This alias goes to all TAs and instructors for this semester's offering. By sending it to that alias, you ensure that we all are kept up to date, and that we all have a chance to answer your question. However, we encourage the use of the forum. If we feel a question is appropriate for the forum, and we expect that the vast majority of questions is, we may just ask you to post it there instead of answering it by email.


    Course material


    Course policies

      The following policies apply to this class. Pay particular attention to the stipulations of the undergraduate honor code and the departmental policy on cheating. Additional information can be found in the Syllabus. We use automatic cheating detection tools. Read more about the impact of these tools: Undergraduate Honor System Constitution
      Departmental Policy on Koofers, Old Programs, Cheating, and Computer Use
      ACM Code of Ethics
      IEEE Code of Ethics
      University Policy on Class Attendance

      Add/Drop Policy

      • Not attending on the first day of class doesn't automatically drop you if you are enrolled.
      • I enforce prerequisites (a grade of C or better in a completed 2506 and 2114), you can't take either class concurrently with this one.
      • You must submit a prerequisite form which I'll hand out in class. The deadline is Jan 26, 2011.
      • You are not eligible to take this class if you have passed CS 3204 already.

      Policy for students retaking this class

        Students retaking the class can use code that was created previously only as a reference for themselves, but they are not allowed to share it with their new group members, be it electronically or otherwise. Any project submission for this semester has to be created from scratch by all group members.