Policy on Classroom Attendance
Adopted by CFA on November 19, 1993

Whereas, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is committed to providing high quality education to its students, and Whereas, attendance at classes is essential to their obtaining that education, and Where as, the Faculty Handbook as currently written seems to diminish the importance of attending classes, and Whereas, the Faculty Handbook and Policy Statement 6330 conflict with each other, Be it therefore resolved that University policy and sections 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 of the Faculty Handbook be revised as follows:

3.6.1 Syllabus and Performance Expectation

Faculty are expected to provide students with a course syllabus on the first day of classes each semester, including course objectives, topical outlines, and the expected performance for which grades will be assigned as well as the instructor' s attendance policy if any. Also included should be a statement on the Honor System and its application to the particular course. The syllabus should also include information about the instructor's office hours and how he/she can be reached directly or through the departmental office during normal working hours.

3.6.2 Class Attendance

Class meetings are an integral part of most courses and the central component of many. Therefore, both faculty and students are expected to meet at all regularly scheduled times, except for cancellations announced on a university-wide basis by appropriate authority.

When faculty cannot meet a class, it is their responsibility to notify their department head or chair as promptly as possible so that appropriate measures can be provided for the missed classes.

When students cannot attend a class, it is their responsibility to make arrangements for any work missed as soon as possible.

In cases of prolonged absences, students may ask their academic deans to notify their instructors of the reason for their absence.