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  • Instructor: Ali R. Butt
    Office: 227 Knowledge Works II (KWII@CRC)
    Phone: (540) 231-0489
    Email:: butta@cs.vt.edu
    Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday   11am - 12pm KWII 2-225  (and by appointment)

  • Teaching assistant: Xiaomo Liu (xiaomliu@cs.vt.edu)
                                     Jaishankar Sundararaman (jaisunda@cs.vt.edu)

    TA office hours will be held in McB 106. If you cannot make it to the listed office hours, email the TAs for an appointment. Additional office hours will be announced here when scheduled; also, short-term cancelations and changes will be made visible via this calendar as well.

  • Contact:
    • For project-specific questions, use the Forum first. We will read the forum strictly before answering our email. The forum is shared among all CS3204 sections this semester, because all sections will be using the same projects.

    • For project-related questions that you feel you cannot or do not want to post in the forum use cs3204-staff@cs.vt.edu. This alias goes to all TAs and instructors for this semester's offering. By sending it to that alias, you ensure that we all are kept up to date, and that we all have a chance to answer your question. However, we encourage the use of the forum. If we feel a question is appropriate for the forum, and we expect that the vast majority of questions is, we may just ask you to post it there instead of answering it by email.


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