CS 3114 Programming Projects

Programming Standards Guidelines that apply to all programming projects.

Pledge Statement

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Students will demo all major projects for a TA.  Be sure to follow all of the instructions carefully.




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Minor 1

File Navigation and Parsing

23:59 September 3

Test data:
1:  GIS data   Commands   Results
2:  GIS data   Commands   Results
3:  GIS data   Commands   Results

August 25

Minor 2


23:59 September 24

Java shell

Create an Eclipse project for your BST; it will contain a folder named "src".  Copy this zip file into that directory and unzip it there (be sure to preserve path names when you do this).  Then refresh the view in the Java Project window and the files testDriver.java and Monk.java should added to your project.

Sample Test Log

August 23

Minor 3


Test harness and driver

23:59 October 15

prQuadtree.java               (shell)
Point.java                         (incomplete)

Sept 27

Major 1

GIS System


The specification is final, aside from any necessary corrections of typos.

My log files contain more information than is required in the specification.

23:59 November 5

GIS record files:





 Virginia Sorted

 Virginia populated places

 West Virginia populated places

 Colorado populated places

 Colorado, Boulder Co 

 Colorado, Ouray Co

 Colorado, Montezuma Co

 Colorado (updated)

 New Mexico populated places

 New Mexico, Bernalillo Co

 New Mexico, Cibola Co

 New Mexico, Eddy Co

 New Mexico, Hidalgo Co

 New Mexico, Los Alamos Co

 New Mexico  (updated)


Scripts and logs:

1:  Script  Log  db

2:  Script  Log  db

3:  Script  Log  db

4:  Script  Log  db

5:  Script  Log  db

Bigger one:

6:  Script  Log  db

Much bigger one:

7:  Script  Log  db


Demo Files (actual test data/scripts)

 Oct 27

Minor 4

Sorting and Binary Data

23:59 December 8


   Data generator   win   linux

   Checker             win   linux

Data files:

   20 records

   100 records

   500 records

   1000 records

   10000 records

   100000 records

Dec 2


I changed the name of the "main" class to MinorP4.

*Changes will be highlighted in yellow.

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