CS2104: Introduction to Problem Solving

Spring Semester 2018. Section: Onufriev

Room and Time

Dr. Onufriev's section: Tue, Thu 2:00PM to 3:15PM, SURGE 109


Dr. Alexey V. Onufriev
Email: alexey@cs.vt.edu
Office: 2160C Torgersen Hall
Office Hours: Tue 3.30 - 4.30 pm.

Teaching Assistant: Mr. Jingoo Han

Email: jingoo@vt.edu
Office: MCB 106
Office Hours: Mon. 2 to 3.30 pm; Thu 3.30 to 5 pm.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Mr. Sam Furman

Email: sfurman@vt.edu
Office: MCB 106 (CS Lounge)
Office Hours: Tue/Thu 11 am - 1 pm.

End-of-semester survey on "Self-Efficacy, Interest and Usefulness in the Context of Computer Science Problem Solving". Completing the survey will help us improve our teaching (this is not the usual SPOT evaluation of the instructor)


Practice Problems

Key Course Information

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