Important links for this semester

Projects & Exercises
Due dates, handouts, instructions
Exercise Submission Page
but can also use the command-line ~cs3214/bin/submit.pl script)
Group Registration
See available students and register your group; learn your SVN group id
Your Grades
This directory will contain any grades you obtained
This directory contains examples I'm showing in class; also at /web/courses/cs3214/spring2012/butta/examples
Bomblab (P1) Scoreboard
See the class's progress on Project 1.
Buflab (P2) Scoreboard
See the class's progress on Project 2.
Project 3 Specification
Student Plug-in List
Questions students in past semesters had.
P3 Debugging
Useful guidance on how to debug your shell.
Project 4 Specification
Project 5 Specification
Project 6 Specification
Project 6 FAQ
Project 6 Test Instructions