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Nov 16: Project #4 has been posted and is due on Monday, Dec 5 at 5:00pm.
Please note the different scheme for the due dates for this project.
The sample test files have also been posted for Project #4.
Nov 8: In case there was any doubt about this, your solution for Project #3 should *NOT* use busy-waiting. Programs that use busy-wait will receive substantial deductions. 
Another thing to keep in mind is that just because you run your program a few times and don't notice any deadlock, that does not mean that you have correctly implemented a solution to avoid deadlock. You should think carefully about the program logic and use of mutexes to make sure that deadlock cannot occur in your solution. 
When we grade this project, we will not just be running your program to see the output -- we will look carefully at your code to make sure you have implemented a solution that avoids deadlock.
Nov 2: I made it back from my conference, meaning thatwe will have class on Wednesday and there will be a quiz.
Oct 22: Project #3 has been posted. It is due Friday, Nov. 11, 2005 at 5:00pm.
Oct 19: Some *sample* test case files have been posted for Project #2. These files are provided to illustrate the format of the configuration and command files. Thanks to Yi for helping to put together these files.
Note: Although the sample files are designed just to show the format, I have updated the config file to indicate that there are 2 elves and 2 students to match the 2 elf and 2 student command files.
Oct 16: Grades for Homework #1 have been posted on Blackboard and the graded homeworks have been returned through your Curator account.
Oct 9: The example shown in the Project #2 specification has been updated to reflect the revised spec. A new version of the project specificaiton includes the updated example and has been posted.
Oct 6: A revised version of the Project #2 specification has been posted. The changes are marked in yellow and are intended to clarify and correct aspects of the project specification and make it a bit easier to implement. 
Oct 3: The "non-draft" project specificaiton for Project #2 has been posted.
Sept 29: A DRAFT specification for Project #2 has been posted. I do not expect it to change much, but I have labelled it as a draft until I have a change to review it over the weekend. It is due at 5:00pm on Friday, October 21.
Also, the mid-term exam grades have been posted to the Blackboard gradebook.
Project 1 grade sheets are available as an announcement and attachment on the Curator. Also, project 1 grades are posted on Blackboard.
Sept 26: An announcement about class this week (this is a change to what I mentioned in class Monday):
Anil Bazaz will be lecturing on Wednesday (Sept. 28) about SMP, Microkernels, and Concurrency. There is likely to be a quiz at the end of the lecture.
Class is cancelled on this Friday, Sept. 30.
I hope to have Project #2 posted sometime on Wednesday.
Sept 21: Important announcement: It appears that the Curator has been affected by the power outage this morning and will be down for a while. Until further notice, submit all assignments (including Homework #2) using the Blackboard digital dropbox.
Please name your files: <pid>-<assignment>.<extension>
For example: rcapra-hw2.doc
Sept 21: At 12:00noon, the Curator system is currently unavailable to turn in Homework #2. I have contacted the administrator and hope that it will available soon. If you need to submit your homework before the Curator is available, you can submit it using the Blackboard digital dropbox. If you use the digital dropbox, you do NOT need to send me an email -- I already know to check the dropbox.
Sept 20: The reference to "Figure 3.98" in Homework #2, question 7, should be "Figure 3.9b". A new PDF file of the homework has been  posted with this correction.
Sept 16: Update: The calendar/notes page has been updated.
Sept 13: Note: The CS discussion forum has been upgraded and now uses your CS SLO password instead of the password you had been using to login to the old version of the forum. My understanding is that all the messages have been copied over to the upgraded version.
Sept 11: Important: You should include your nroff file with your man page in the tar file you submit for Project #1.
Changed: The sample test case files posted yesterday had an error in the way the set command was used. Revised test case files have been posted today (same file names).
Changed: Another small error was found and corrected in the sample test case files. This one was a missing "=" in one of the set commands.
Sept 10: Posted: Sample test cases for Project #1. In addition to the sample test cases, a file with notes about the test cases has also been posted.
Sept 9: Assignment posted: Homework #2, due 5:00pm, Wednesday, Sept 21.
Sept 5: Project #1 correction: Two additional corrections/clarifications have been made to the Project #1 specification. These changes are reflected in a new version of the specification that has been posted on the "Projects" page.
Change: Yi Ma (GTA) has changed his office hours. He will no longer hold office hours on Fridays. Instead, he will hold hours on Thursdays from 10am until 12noon.
Sept 1: Project #1 correction: Two small corrections have been made to the Project #1 specification:
  • The first paragraph of the "Internal Commands" section was cut off. It has been completed.
  • The "set" command should not have a "$" before the <varname>. The project spec has been updated to reflect this.
Also, I have posted several messages to the Class Discussion Forum with information that may be helpful for Project #1.
August 28: Reminder: Homework #1 is due at 5:00pm on Monday, August 29.
Change: My office hours will be MWF 11:30am - 12:45pm.
August 26: The Blackboard site should now be available.
The Blackboard site will be used primarily for posting course grades.
Since the Curator is not yet ready, Homework #1 will be submitted through the Digital Dropbox feature of the Blackboard site.
To submit Homework #1, do the following steps:

1. Name your file: <yourpid>-hw1.[doc|pdf|rtf|txt]
2. Log on to Blackboard at https://learn.vt.edu
3. Under "My Courses", select the link for
Operating Systems - Fall 2005.
4. Click on the "Tools" menu on the left side
5. Click on "Digital Dropbox"
6. Click on "Send File"
7. In the "Name" field, enter: <yourpid>-hw1.[doc|pdf|rtf|txt]
8. Click "Browse" and select your homework file to submit
(this file should be named: <yourpid>-hw1.[doc|pdf|rtf|txt])
9. You may leave the "Comments" field blank
10. Click "Submit" in the lower-right corner
11. If your file was submitted, you should receive
a message on the next page saying that the file
has been sent to the instructor.
August 25: Links to the slides being used in class have been made on the Calendar/Notes page.
Notes about Homework #1 have been posted to the class forum.
A welcome message and forum policies have been posted to the class forum.
The Discussion Forum for this course is available by logging in to http://forum.cs.vt.edu/
August 24: Assignment posted: Project #1, due Friday, Sept 16
August 22: Assignment posted: Homework #1, due Monday, Aug 29
August 20: First day attendance is required. This is Computer Science Department policy. If you do not attend the first day of class, you will be dropped from the course. If you are interested in force-adding this course, you must attend the first day of class.