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WebCT Tutorial: Quiz Results

The finish button at the bottom of the page must be hit to submit the quiz.

A dialog box will ask you to confirm the submit:

WebCT will issue a reception notice that the quiz has been received:

Hitting the View Results button will allow a student to see the grading of their quiz. At the top of the graded quiz is a header giving the quiz statistics. (The Max. Score gives the maximum possible grade on the quiz.)

Each student question response is marked with a blue arrow. If the response was correct the weight achieved on the answer for the particular question is given in a green percentage, (100%). If a response was incorrect the weight achieved on the answer is given in a red percentage, (0%).

At the bottom of the quiz review results page the student's total quiz grade is displayed.

Clicking the Home button will return the student back to the WebCT CS 1704 home page and then clicking on the quiz button will allow the student to view the quiz page with the updated results. The grade for the previously completed quiz is listed. The quiz grading may again be reviewed at any time, by clicking on the red 1 at the end of the quiz record row. Quizzes may be submitted, (tried), only once.

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