CS5824/CS4824/ECE5424/ECE4424: Machine Learning, Fall 2017 Project Page


The projects are complete, and they were excellent. Here is a YouTube playlist of most of the project presentations. Enjoy!

Below is a list of the project webpages and video presentations, including at least one that was not on YouTube but is available from the project page.


The final project for the Machine Learning course will be a mini research project done by groups of 3 or 4 people. The overall goal of such a project is to do something that nobody else has ever done before. Ways to accomplish this goal include (but are not limited to):

Because this is a class project on a tight schedule, it's important to keep your proposed ideas tractable, but at the same time the motivation of your project should be toward making a significant scientific contribution, one that we can imagine being a published paper if you had enough time to work on it. For the class project, the expectation is you will most likely only have preliminary results.

You will not need to submit code for the project, nor are you required to use any particular programming language, platform, or software. You are free to use whatever helps you accomplish your research goals the best.


The first deliverable is a project proposal that is due in conjunction with Homework 4 (on November 1).

The final deliverables for the class project are (1) a five-minute video presenting your results and (2) a project website that details your project with any supplementary material, data, charts that appear in the video presentation.

Your video and website should have the following elements.

The project website has no length limit, but it should be concise. It should primarily only contain additional material to support the results you include in your video presentation.

The project website and video are due on the last day of classes, December 13, 2017. We will create a YouTube playlist of your videos and link (or host) your project pages on the course homepage.

Project Ideas

This section is under construction. You are welcome to propose any idea you want, and you are welcome to include work you are doing in your job, your own research, or your other classes, as long as it is okay with your other professors or supervisors. The list below is a brainstormed list of ideas that could be interesting, but you are not at all obligated to use one of these ideas.