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Bibliographies and Other References
Books (help make my mommy proud; buy my fractal image compression book or the www one)
Conferences and Announcements
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About Students, Reprints, INLS, and Yuval Fisher.


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Many of these are over, but their web pages still contain useful (or possibly interesting) information.


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[top] About Reprints, Students, INLS, and me.

I get a a steady trickle of email based on the misconception that I can accept students or influence the acceptance of postdocs at the University of California, San Diego, or possibly at the institute for nonlinear science (INLS). This is not so. I have a visiting position, and this means that I cannot influence the applications of students, accept students myself, or invite visitors. It also means that I don't have the resources to photocopy and mail reprints (not to mention the inclination). (If you have bags of money to hand out, consider this a shameless plea).

I am at INLS due to the gracious hospitality of Henry Abarbanel, the director of the institute. INLS is home to physicists, mostly, who work on spacio-temporal chaos.

To pass the time, I recently wrote a book:

Spinning the Web - A Book

Yuval Fisher (
Institute for Nonlinear Science
University for California, San Diego
July 20, 1995.

This site is updated often, so check out what's new or come again...

If you would like to leave your papers here, ftp them to and email me with the file name and a blurb that you want to with the link to the paper.

If you have questions about fractal image compression/encoding or if you would like to announce code and/or results, feel free to do so at the Fractal Image Encoding Announcements and Questions page. If you have comments about these pages or personal non-fractal questions, please feel free to mail them to me.

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