CS 4604: Spring 2014
Introduction to Database
Management Systems





Apologies for stating the obvious but they bear repeating:

Late grading, questions and requests

Honor Code

The VT honor code is in effect for every aspect of this class. No one may give you the answers to assignments. You may discuss concepts with colleagues but you may not discuss specific details nor do any joint work resulting in code or solutions. In other words, students are encouraged to communicate about general principles of the course, but all assigned work must be done on an individual basis. The sole exception is the project, in which only students in the same group can work together on specific solutions. Assistance may be obtained from the instructor or GTA. You may not exchange any code or solutions, either in pieces or in entirety, by any electronic means or hard copy.

Of course, copying answers or code from anyone is considered cheating. If you suspect, or allow someone to obtain answers or code from you and that person is caught cheating, you may be held as an accomplice. Thus, if you suspect someone cheating, you should discuss this with the instructor; anything you say will be held confidential. Students suspected of cheating will be sent directly to the higher authorities in the university; in turn, if they determine that the student was cheating, the student will receive a failing grade.