Working With Others in Your Group
How to improve working or client relationships with others







Controller Agreement in advance on goals. Freedom to work within agreed-upon limits. Let them win and be in charge. Summarize facts. Let them decide. Rely on self-discipline. Recognize results tangibly. Be businesslike. Let them decide. Stick to agenda. Don't insist on personal relationship. Let them tell you what they want. Back up ideas and enthusiasm with results. Keep agreements. Let them choose. Demonstrate workability of ideas.
Analyzer     Bring facts and logic in writing. Be patient while they evaluate. Assist in coming to decision. Work with time limits. Recognize need to set timetables for decision. Encourage risk-taking. Provide perspective on decision at hand. Demonstrate technical competence. Acknowledge need for facts and data. Work with time limits. Talk facts, not opinions. Provide detail. Back up facts with detail. Be patient.
Supporter Show personal concern for them and family. Provide details and specifics. Acknowledge their contribution. Be supportive of efforts and accomplishments. Build relationship. Establish personal relationship. Encourage them to increase goals and upgrade prospects. Be strong, insistent and directive. Encourage and support work through interpersonal relationship. Slow down the pace and volume. Allow time for relationship. Work on one agenda at a time. Move on after completion. Encourage suggestions and participation.
Promoter Be more open about self and emotions. Relax time-consciousness. Give incentives. Let them win. Provide public recognition. Loosen up. Play. Spend informal time with them. Recognize need for excitement. Ask for ideas. Move quickly. Take risks. Be firm when challenged. Public acknowledgement. Provide focus and follow-up. Be in a relationship. Provide discipline and focus. Stay on track. Move quickly. Use creativity and excitement.

Last updated 98/12/08
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