CS 3114 Programming Projects

Programming Standards Guidelines that apply to all programming projects.

Pledge Statement

Project Specifications

Students will demo all major projects for a TA.  Be sure to follow all of the instructions carefully.




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Last Modified*


MLB Player Database 2.0

23:59 Thursday Dec 3

Sample data files:

   small 1920 to 1930

   full 1920 to 1930




Scripts & Logs:

1:  Script   Log

2:  Script   Log

3:  Script   Log

4:  Script   Log

Oct 29


External Sorting



run from command line; w/o

parameters shows options


Data File Generator

run from command line; w/o parameters shows options

23:55 Wednesday Oct 28

Sample data files:

   8 blocks

   16 blocks

   32 blocks

   1024 blocks

Oct 12


MLB Player Database 1.0


Schedule template


TA breakdown:


Yang Jiao <jiaoyang> graded all of Dr Cao's section and students with PIDs from rustmik2 to zylth in my section.


Shiyi Wei <wei> graded students from my section with PIDs from adlarson to rlyerly.

23:59 Monday Oct 5

AVL Operation Examples:  1

   1950s Player List






Some test data:

   Script01   Log01   db01

   Script02   Log02

   Script03   Log03

As I read the specification, there are two ways to handle deletion in the PlayerName index if there are no offsets left for a name; the 'b' log files below show the result of a full deletion:

   Script04   Log04  Log04b

   Script05   Log05  Log05b

   Script06   Log06


P1 TA Test Data


Sept 22



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