Finite State Machine


This web page provides four pre-defined examples of Finite State Machines for you to examine and test with strings of your own construction. The same facilities for creating or modifying machines are available as in other web pages of this set, so it is possible to modify the samples as you feel appropriate. Simply click on the button in the box to display a machine.

A FSM in which the language recognized is composed of strings that start and finish with O and may contain any string formed from the set {0,1} between. Examples include 00, 01110, and 0101010. Strings that would not be accepted include 01, 10001, and 010101.

A machine in which the language recognized is composed of binary strings of length 4. Recognized strings would include 0000, 1111, 0101, but not 01, or 00000.

This example has two exits depending on the string. The language is composed of binary numeric strings; one exit is to be chosen if the input string is even, the other if odd.

The final example accepts binary strings of any length or composition provided that each contains at least one substring of "11".

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