Binary Bingo Pre-class Activity

This pre-class activity is a preparation for a class exercise in binary-to-decimal and decimal-to-binary number conversion in the form of a Bingo Game. Initially you should try out your own skills in these conversions by using the first two exercises. By clicking the START button the system will provide an initial numeric value; type in the conversion (decimal or binary as appropriate) in the box alongside and then click the SUBMIT button. You will get a response whether you are right or wrong. Try at least 15 conversions. Click the DONE button when you are finished.

BINARY to DECIMAL conversion


DECIMAL to BINARY conversion


Now in preparation for the class print out two bingo cards - one with binary numbers and one with decimal numbers. Click on the two links below to create the cards and print as each is created.

Create Decimal Bingo Card   Create Binary Bingo Card

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