CS2604: Data Structures and File Processing

Fall Semester 2003


Dr. Heath: MWF 8:00-8:50 in McBryde 126
Dr. Vergara: TTh 11-12:15 in McBryde 126
TTh 12:30-1:45pm in McBryde 126


Dr. Lenwood S. Heath
Email: heath@vt.edu
Office: 2160J Torgersen Hall
Office Hours: TTh 9:30-11; W 9-10:30
Dr. John Paul C. Vergara
Email: jvergara@vt.edu
Office: 625 McBryde Hall
Office Hours: TTh 2:30-4; W 10-Noon

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Brandon Berry, brberry@vt.edu
Ranjit Randhawa, rrandhaw@vt.edu
Wensi Xi, xwensi@vt.edu
Xiaoyan Yu, xiaoyany@vt.edu

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