CS2604: Data Structures and File Processing

Fall Semester 2002


Dr. McCrickard: TuTh 2:00am-3:15pm in Pamplin 2030
Mr. McPherson: MW 4:00-5:15pm in McBryde 209
Dr. Shaffer: TuTh 2:00-3:15pm in McBryde 129


Dr. Scott McCrickard
Email: mccricks@cs.vt.edu
Office: McBryde 623, 540-231-6698
Office Hours: TuTh 3:15-4:45

Mr. David McPherson
Email: dmcphers@cs.vt.edu
Office: McBryde 625, 540-231-9367
Office Hours: MW 10:00-11:00, TuTh 2:00-3:00

Dr. Cliff Shaffer
Email: shaffer@cs.vt.edu
Office: McBryde 331, 540-231-4354
Office Hours: TuTh 10:00-10:45am.


Ranjit Randhawa, rrandhaw@vt.edu
Donghang Guo, doguo@vt.edu
Rajneesh Mahajan, ramahaja@vt.edu

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