CS2104: Introduction to Problem Solving

Fall Semester 2016

Room and Time

CRN 82440: MW 14:30–15:45 in AA 7
CRN 82441: MW 16:00–17:15 in AA 7


Dr. Layne T. Watson
Office: 122 McBryde Hall
Office Hours: MW 13:15–14:00

Teaching Assistants

Email: TBD@vt.edu

GTA: Debanjan Datta (82440)

GTA: Stefan Nagy (82441)

TA Office Hours

All TA office hours will be held in McBryde 106. Sometimes the TA will need to move to McBryde 106A if 106 is crowded. Check the whiteboard in 106 for messages about where the GTA is located. If Debanjan is not in 106 MCB, go to 219 Kelly Hall (ICTAS I) and knock on the door. If you cannot make these office hours, e-mail Debanjan to arrange a meeting on a different day.

Monday: 15:00–20:00
Wednesday: 10:30–11:30


  • The (common) final exam is Wednesday, December 14, 2016 from 16:25–18:25 in AA 7. This final exam is optional. It will be both a test of knowledge and solving problems (like on the first midterm). It covers material presented in class during the entire semester, and material from the assigned readings. Prior to the final exam, you will be given a tentative letter grade and information about how well you would have to perform on the final to reach the next grade level.
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