The Online CS Modules web site consists of several modules which are similar to chapters in a book. Each module presents an overview of a specific Computer Science subdiscipline, or area of study. At the beginning of each module is a set of learning objectives. Upon completing the module, you should possess a basic understanding of each of those concepts. Use the "JUMP TO MODULE:" select box to navigate from one module to another.


Each module contains several lessons that should be worked through in order. Press to advance to the next one in the sequence. Many of the lessons contain interactive animations, tutorials, applets, and other activities that supplement the material. Please work through these activities; they were designed to make the concepts more accessible and hopefully more fun to learn.

Review Questions

Every lesson contains a set of review questions. Press to load the review questions for the current lesson. Please work through the review questions immediately after you complete the lesson. They are not graded. Try writing down your answers on a sheet of paper, then check them against the correct answers by clicking the Answer link next to each question. Feel free to return to the lesson by pressing to review any concepts that you missed in the first reading.