1. How are natural languages and computer languages different?   [Answer]

  2. Give at least two different meanings for the following statement: "Bob is over the hill."   [Answer]

  3. What three things must a computer analyze in order to understand the meaning of a statement?   [Answer]

  4. Open the Systran Software site and enter the following sentences for translation. Translate each sentence to another language and then back to English. How accurate is the translation software?
    1. The bat slipped from his hand.
    2. James had had two injuries to his foot.
    3. Since the party was dull, Jill left for home.
    4. Peter Piper picked a pail of pickled peppers.

  5. Open the site and ask the following questions. Does the system seem to understand what you are asking?
    1. When is my birthday?
    2. What is the meaning of life?
    3. Where can I get a good hamburger?
    4. Is the ant an endangered species?