Eglamour of Artas


Ihesu Crist, of heuen Kyng,

Graunt vs all good endyng

And beld vs in hys bowre;

And &y;ef hem ioye &t;at loue to here

Of eldres &t;at before vs were 5

And lyued in grett antowre.

I woll &y;ou tell of a knyght

That was both hardy and wyght,

And stronge in ylke a stowre;

Of dedys of armys &t;at he myght here To

He wan degre with iurnay clere,

And in felde the floure.

In Artas he was geten and born,

And all his eldres hym beforn

Lestenyth! I wyll yow say. 15

To dede of armys he ys went;

Wyth &t;e erle of Artas is he lent,

For deernes, nyght and day.

Syr Prynsamour &t;e erle hyght;

Syr Eglamour men call &t;e kny&y;t, 20

That du&y;ty was euyr and ay.

And this erle hadde hyrn in wold

To dedes of armes he was bold:

For to no man seyde he nay.


Colophon Here endyth the Erle of Tollous and begynneth Syr Egyllamoure

of Artas i Ihesu lorde oure heuyn kynge z all thy dere

blessynge 3 thy bowre 4 And yf ye ony yoye wyll here

S Of them &t;at ... 6 grete honowre 7 telle yow ...

io armys &t;ere ye may here i i He wynnyth &t;e gree ... 12 in

the fylde ... 13 And thus he holdy&t; hym beforne 17 he ys ...

18 He faylyth hyrn not ... 21 du&y;tyom. 22 Whyll the erle had

hym in holde 24 to 01n.