Eglamour of Artas


Ihesu Crist, of heuen Kyng,

Graunt vs all good endyng

And beld vs in hys bowre;

And 3ef hem ioye pat loue to here

Of eldres pat before vs were 5

And lyued in grett antowre.

I woll 3ou tell of a knyght

That was both hardy and wyght,

And stronge in ylke a stowre;

Of dedys of armys pat he myght here To

He wan degre with iurnay clere,

And in felde the floure.

In Artas he was geten and born,

And all his eldres hym beforn

Lestenyth! I wyll yow say. 15

To dede of armys he ys went;

Wyth pe erle of Artas is he lent,

For deernes, nyght and day.

Syr Prynsamour pe erle hyght;

Syr Eglamour men call pe knY3t, 20

That du3ty was euyr and ay.

And this erle hadde hyrn in wold

To dedes of armes he was bold:

For to no man seyde he nay.


Colophon Here endyth the Erle of Tollous and begynneth Syr Egyllamoure

of Artas i Ihesu lorde oure heuyn kynge z all thy dere

blessynge 3 thy bowre 4 And yf ye ony yoye wyll here

S Of them pat ... 6 grete honowre 7 telle yow ...

io armys Pere ye may here i i He wynnyth pe gree ... 12 in

the fylde ... 13 And thus he holdyp hym beforne 17 he ys ...

18 He faylyth hyrn not ... 21 du3tyom. 22 Whyll the erle had

hym in holde 24 to 01n.