YR E A S F R E R for the Colonies and Conj
panics of V i& G 1 N 1 A: aod Gouernsur of Mtif.
couia, Eaft-lildiaNorth-weltPaffagc,
and S 0 M M E 9 llands
N 0 R A B L 11 S 1 It, the W121 Of Men, Ot
rather the wifedome of God tells vs, thatibere
~r a time for a# tkings: and that the great Gor4,
who at his owne will beganne Time it fcl&,
dothathisowne timebeginne all things elfe:
the-foolithneffe ofinen may askc and tnufc why
was this fo roone, and that fo late ? but the wifedome of God
knowes what is fit for euery time : And furely among(l the fen
fible fignes, and cuidcnt demonfirations of Gods all-gouerning
prouidence,this is not the leaft,that he brings not fbrth his migh
tie works altogether, but makgrvffY thing boc#tifs.11 in Ur time. rs.
And as in his creation he made not al at once,but produced them
in their feuerall daies : fo in his gubernation, hcreuedethnotthc
knowledge of all things in one Age, but difcouers them in the
fcuerall ages ofthe World. And if man aske why God doth thus,
holy Davidgiues the anfwerc; The Lord both fo done Ur mar- pfal.111.4.
vailoos workjt, that they fflould be kad in remembrance; for were
they all in one age (fuch is our corruption) they would bee ]tire
obferued and fooner forgotten, but being declared in their fe-

uerall times, eucry Age finds matter to magnifie God; And


therefore He wk#ftCloriam name is to be praifed forexer, reucils

forne meruailous thing in euery gentration,that fo his name may Pfal 71.19. he praifed from Generation to Generation.

Mans works are for the moil part (as Chrift faith of the Wine that is ferued in at feafis) beft at firfi, and afterwards worfe.: but with God it is cotraric, for as in the Creotionthou.Sh euery daies