Something You should know about this course

What you are required to do in this class:

1.     Participation (listen, think and ask)

2.     Presentation about a published work (somebody else's work)

3.     A small project (that you feel interested) and the corresponding presentation

4.     Final: Submit two review papers

        One is for the paper you read (a general review)

        One is for the project you did (a detailed review)

Grading policy:

My philosophy of graduate-level teaching is to offer help for students to study advanced topics. Score is a recognition of your hard work. Since we will cover a broad area across: biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, control theory and computational science, I do not expect everybody to understand everything in this class (if you do, that's great!). Thus there is no final exam. The grade will be based on

1.     50%: Class Participation

2.     30%: Presentation

3.     20%: The small project

Basically if you finish all the required work, you will get a decent score.

Warning: You will fail if you are involved in the following behaviors:

1.     Cheating

2.     Miss too many classes

3.     Fail to submit two review papers

Topics may be covered:

1.     Basic knowledge of the process of modeling and simulation

2.     Very basic knowledge of ordinary differential equation and stochastic process

3.     A few up-to-date models in systems biology

1.     gene regulation network

2.     cell cycle

3.     basic positive and negative feedback gene circuits

4.     toggle switch model

5.     gene oscillator model

6.     circadian rhythm

7.     noise in a single cell

8.     other related biological model that you are interested

4.     SBML (systems biology makeup language) and Matlab programing

5.     Other topics that you may come up with