Spring 2008

Class Time: Monday, 4:00PM - 6:45PM
Location: Burrus Hall 123A



Name: Dr. Eli Tilevich
Email:  last_name at cs.vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231 - 3475
Office: 213 Knowledge Works II
Office Hours: By appointment (walk-ins welcome :-)


Object-oriented (OO) systems has been one of the most dynamic research areas in recent years. Beyond encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism, research in OO systems is a confluence of various topics in operating systems, programming languages, compilers, and software engineering. Specifically, research in OO systems has engendered several exciting recent developments in areas including: programming languages (e.g., genericity, reflection, meta-programming, bytecode engineering, virtual dispatch, garbage collection, just-in-time-compilation), middleware (e.g., distributed-object systems), concurrency (e.g., Java memory model), and many others. It has even spawned an entirely new research area: aspect-oriented programming (AOP). Knowledge in OO systems is essential for anyone involved in development of next generation technologies.

This course will provide students with a background in OO research by covering both standard research literature and providing hands-on experience with specific technologies. In addition, the course will introduce students to research opportunities in current state-of-the-art OO systems. Additional topics covered will be influenced by the research interests of the class.