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Final Exam


Guidelines for final project reports

Due date

Final project reports are due by Wednesday, April 30 at 11:59 PM. Points will be deducted from final project grades for late reports.

Content of the report

The report should be written in the style of a technical conference submission. Content should include, but is not limited to:

  • Title that clearly indicates the topic of the report
  • Names and contact information for all students working jointly on the project
  • Brief abstract (150-200 words) giving a summary of your work/findings/implementation.
  • Introduction and motivation/rationale for the project (why is this topic/work important?)
  • Related work
  • Goals, research questions, hypotheses
  • Description of the implementation and environment(s), including illustrative figures
  • Exploratory study
    • Method
    • Results
  • Formal study
    • Experimental method: List of hardware and software you used to complete your implementation (displays, input devices, toolkits, languages, etc.), Description of subjects who completed the evaluation, Experimental design (independent and dependent variables, type of variables, etc.), Experimental procedure
    • Results and analysis of results
    • Discussion of results
  • Conclusions and future work
  • References

Format of the report

  • Reports should be no more than eight (8) pages in the ACM SIGGRAPH conference format (EXCEPTION: If you plan to submit your project report to a non-ACM conference, use that conference's formatting guidelines)
  • The final project report should be turned in electronically, as an MS Word (.doc) or PDF file
  • Mail the file as an attachment to Dr. Bowman (bowman@vt.edu)
  • I encourage the use of figures, illustrations, and graphs to enhance the text where appropriate, but figures should not be used to fill space. Neither should important figures be removed to save space!