CS 5754: Virtual Environments


Announcements & syllabus




    Literature review

    IRB information

    List of current projects


    Final report



Final Exam


Project proposals

Project proposals should be simple and to the point. One page of single-spaced, 10-point font should be sufficient; proposals should not exceed two pages. The proposal should include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Title that clearly indicates the topic of the proposal
  • Brief abstract (3-4 sentences) giving a summary of your proposal
  • Names and contact information for all students working jointly on the project
  • Introduction and motivation/rationale for the project (Why are you doing this project? Why is it important?)
  • Research questions you will be addressing
  • List of your preliminary hypotheses
  • Hardware and software you will use to complete your implementation (displays, input devices, toolkits, languages, etc.)
  • Tasks and metrics you might use to test your hypotheses
  • Potential impact of the project (How might the results of your project extend the state-of-the-art in VEs, or enhance a faculty member's research, impact a particular application area, etc.?)