CS 5754: Virtual Environments


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    Literature review

    IRB information

    List of current projects


    Final report



Final Exam


Project Presentations

Each project group will present their project to the rest of the class near the end of the semester (April 29). Of the 20 points allocated to phase V of the project, the presentation is worth 5.

The presentation will be no more than 20 minutes in length, including at least 3 minutes for questions and answers from the class. This presentation will not be graded on its content (the content is presumably a subset of your report or implementation which is graded separately).

Since presentations are scheduled before your final report is due, the phase V research does not need to be complete by the time of the presentation. The presentation should include full information on phases I-IV, and as much information as possible from phase V (hopefully including at least some preliminary results).

Presentation format & content:

  • Presentations should use computer-based presentations (PowerPoint or Keynote)
  • Email the instructor (bowman@vt.edu) your PowerPoint file by 11:00 AM the day of your presentation
  • Instructor will store your presentation on a laptop for the presentation
  • As backup, you should
    • Bring a CD or USB drive containing your presentation AND
    • Make it available for download from the Internet
  • To facilitate reading slides:
    • Use large fonts (> 18 point)
    • Use sans-serif fonts (like Arial or Helvetica)
    • Do not use complicated backgrounds on your slides
    • Use high contrast colors, but not simply black & white
  • Motivate the importance of the topic
  • Clearly present the content of your project, including pictures and video if possible
  • Discuss the impact of your topic on the field (academically and/or commercially)
  • Presentations are 20 minutes long, including at least 3 minutes for questions
  • Guideline: a good target is 15-20 slides


The presentation will be graded on:

1.      Your poise and confidence in presenting to the class

2.      Your professionalism (e.g. quality of slides, making eye contact, answering questions well, etc.)

3.      How well you motivate your topic

4.      How well you structure your material so that it is clear and concise

Project Presentation Schedule

  • All three groups will present on Tuesday April 29.