Posted here are announcements of importance to the entire class. The most recent announcements will be at the top of the page. Old announcements will be removed.

September 6:

A term project has been added to the class. There is a new entry, "Term Project", in the table of contents on the left side of the main class web page that leads to a description of the project assignment. In addition, the grading scheme has been adjusted to add the term project to the overall grading. See the "Grading" entry in the table of contents on the left side of the main class web page.

September 5:

The overheads for the topic scheduled for September 8, polyphonic C#, are now linked to the class Calendar.

August 22:

I must be away from Blacksburg on the day of our second class meeting (August 25). The lecture for our second class meeting has been videotaped and is available in a streaming media format. To access the lecture, use the "Recorded Lectures" link in the index on our mail course web pages. You may view this presentation at your convenience - the presentation will not be broadcast. The resolution of the recording is not sufficient to make the overheads easily viewable. So it would be best if you had a copy of the overheads when you are viewing the presentation. The overheads are available in our class Calendar. Please view this presentation prior to our meeting on Tuesday, August 30. Questions about the August 25 material can be taken up in our August 30 meeting.