CS5014 Fall 2006 Assignment 6
Due Tuesday, 10/03 at the beginning of class
50 Points

Your assignment is to locate a journal paper that is likely to be relevent to your research work at Virginia Tech, and which has no abstract. (Note that certain "magazine-like" journals, such as IEEE Computer and Communications of the ACM never have true abstracts, while "archival" journals such as the various IEEE Transactions always do. So pick your paper from one of the ones that don't generally give abstracts.) Write an abstract for this paper. The abstract should be approximately 250 words long. In addition to the abstract, be sure to include a complete citation for the paper.

Recall that one of your major class assignments this semester will be to write a 10-page paper giving a research proposal or a suitable substitute. Ideally this paper will be closely related to your eventual MS Thesis or PhD Dissertation research. Several of the other assignments (including this one) are aimed at helping you locate and assess a body of research papers related to your research area.