CS5014 Fall 2006 Assignment 5
Due Thursday, 9/28, at the beginning of class
75 Points

For this assignment, you are going to "peer review" six of the essays submitted by your classmates from Assignment 2. Each member of the class is being emailed a set of six essays to review. Every person's Assignment 2 will be reviewed by six members of the class. Once these have been turned in to me, I will be giving to each student the six reviews for their assignment. The reviews will be anonymous, in that all the writer of the essay will know about who did the reviewing comes from what is written by the reviewer.

To complete this assignment, you will first print out copies of the six essays. You should mark up the essays as you think appropriate to improve them. You should write comments and corrections directly on the printed copies. Separately, you should type up a review form for each essay that you hand in with the marked-up copy of the essays. This review form should have two sections. The first is "comments to the instructor" and the second is "comments to the author". As you might expect, the "comments to instructor" will be seen only by me, and the "comments to the author" will be returned to the essay author. You should indicate in the author's section of the review form your overall impressions of the quality of the essay. The "comments to the instructor" section should include any private comments that you would like for me to see but not share with the author. I will cut off the "comments to the authors" section to return with the marked-up copies of the essays. I will not redistribute the "comments to the instructor" section of your review!

The "comments to the instructor" section should include your name (so that I know who did the review), and also a score out of a possible total of 75 points for that essay. For the six essays that you will grade, you have a total pool of 375 points to allocate. This means that you could give one score each of 75, 70, 65, 60, 55, and 50. Or you could distribute the points in some other way, so long as the total is 375 and no paper gets more than 75 points. Obviously, your comments to the author and marks on the paper should be consistent with your score (but the score will not be shared with the author).

As you do your reviews, keep in mind the advice I gave on reviewing papers. Do what you reasonably can to suggest improvements in the essay. Keep in mind that future author revisions would have to conform to the requirements of the original assignment (they only have room to add so much material). Try to indicate what is good and what is bad. Every review should point out both good and bad points. Treat the authors the way you would want them to treat you: Be professional, and be polite!

But also keep in mind that I will be grading your reviews. I have deliberately given each of you a set of six papers that range from relatively good to relatively bad (in my opinion). If your reviews do not satisfactorily indicate recognition of the variation in quality of the essays, you will be marked down. If your reviews do not give sufficient indication of problems that exist in the essays, you will be marked down. Some of the essays won't have many problems that warrant criticism. Others have lots of problems. I expect you to do a reasonable job of distinguishing which is which, and noting this appropriately.