CS5014 Fall 2006 Assignment 4
Due Thursday, 9/21, at the beginning of class
50 Points

Since you are taking this class, that means you intend to write an MS thesis or PhD dissertation. And hopefully you will get papers published from that work. This assignment is meant to get you thinking about potential publication venues for your dissertation or thesis work, and beyond. Define the general research topic area that your work best fits into. Then, identify a list of specific journals and conferences that are most relevent to that research area. Do not think just about what is the best couple of places for your next paper. Think about what would be good candidates to submit publications to if you remain working in this research area for the next few years. Write a one half to one page discussion on these potential publication venues. Indicate which venues are the ``best reputation'' choices (and presumably most difficult to get acceptance from), versus the lower reputation/easier choices. Give your prognoses on your expectations for success with these various venues and then a plan for action on how you should actually submit for your best final outcome. (Remember that you get the most professional credit for publishing in the best venue, but no credit for only submitting to a venue and failing to publish.)