CS5014 Fall 2006 Assignment 2
Due Tuesday, September 12 at the beginning of class
75 Points

You are to write a three page paper about your own research aspirations. You should write the paper as though you were planning to give it to a CS faculty member to convince him or her to take you on as a research student. Suitable topics for discussion include the following: What degrees do you plan to get? Why? Why did you come to Virginia Tech for those degrees? What area do you plan to do research work in while a graduate student? What is your educational background, especially your past research experiences? What other qualifications do you possess that would convince a faculty member to take you on? (Be careful not to appear to be using previous experiences and background as a space-filler.) What kind of job do you plan to get after graduation? What area of Computer Science? Does it involve research, and if so, how? Even if its not a "research job", how might your graduate education (particularly your research experiences) relate to that? You may discuss your planned research topic, but this is not meant to be a research proposal. (Note: You do not need to address everything on the list, I'm just trying to make suggestions so that you can find plenty to say.)

This assignment has three purposes. First, its a technical writing exercise. You should use good writing style and proper English, and you can expect feedback on your writing proficiency. Second, it gives you practice at meeting a seemingly arbitrary format specification and length requirement (see below) - a true real-life skill in the academic world! Third, it starts you thinking about your research program if you have not already done so, and sets the stage for your assignments related to your research proposal. The document you write for this assignment will also serve as the basis for some editing assignments later on.

Format specifications for the paper are as follows. WARNING: Any deviation from these specifications, in letter or spirit, will generate a massive penalty effectively resulting in a failing grade for this assignment. If you have questions, be sure to ask!

Specific formating requirements (this assignment only):

General formating requirements (for this and other assignments):