CS5014 Fall 2006 Assignment 15
Due Tuesday, 12/05 by Noon.
Send website URL via email to shaffer@vt.edu
75 Points

You are to create a website for yourself as a graduate student in the CS Department at Virginia Tech. This website should include an appropriate homepage for yourself. It should also include various additional pages related to your research work. If you don't have better material to include, at a minimum it could at least include relevent products related to the various assignments you have done for this course (such as your proposal and literature review), along with any additional material that you might have related to your research.

Keep in mind that this assignment should help you accomplish two goals. The first is to insure that you have a reasonable website for yourself, showing off your role within the CS Department and the profession. This should be suitable for including in a list of CS grad student homepages. Second, it helps you in your research endeavors by providing a way of organizing your efforts, and forcing you to keep the related products at good quality since you are making them public.

Be warned that a bland, small collection of text-only web pages with minimal content won't get a good grade for this assignment. There should be some effort to include (reasonable) use of color and visual elements. If you don't already have suitable style sheets that you are used to working with, then you might look at the Virginia Tech templates for ideas.