CS5014 Fall 2006 Assignment 10
Hardcopy due Tuesday, 10/31 in class
Electronic copy due Tuesday, 10/31 by Noon to shaffer@vt.edu
75 Points

For this assignment, you will write a literature review that includes brief descriptions for at least five papers. These five papers should be relevent to your graduate research topic. They may include the papers that you used for earlier assignments (the review and the abstract assignments). Your review section should be 2 1/2 to 3 pages, using the general format from Assignment 2. You should use the first two pages or so to summarize each of the five papers, giving a paragraph or two for each one. The last half to full page should provide an overall summary of how the papers fit together, and their relationship to the overall body of work for your selected research topic. Be sure, either in your final synthesis or in the individiual summaries, to provide some indication of the quality of the paper, especially its value to someone who is trying to learn about that field of research.

Following the review section will be a separate page containing the reference list. This reference list must be created using BibTeX (if you write in LaTex) or Endnote (if you write in MS Word). If you use another word processing system, discuss with me a suitable alternative. Your review section must cite the references in the bibliography file to generate the reference list.

You will turn in both a paper copy (in class), and an electronic copy of your source files (to shaffer@vt.edu). The electronic copy will include the text source file and the bibliography file.