Homework Specification: Seminar Summary and Review

Attend a seminar in Computer Science or some other related department and write a 1-2 page summary and review of that seminar. Your report should give a clear and concise summary of the material; an annotated outline might be a good way to do this. You are not expected to understand every last detail that was presented. But your report should make it clear that you were there (!), you took it seriously, and you caught the main points that were made. Your report should also include a paragraph (graciously) critiquing the seminar, e.g., what was effective about the presentation?; what could have been done better?, etc. Your primary source for information will be the talk, of course. But you may need to fill in some gaps by talking with the speaker after the seminar, visiting their web page later, reading one of their papers.

Note: you may do this exercise for up to two different seminars.