CS 5014: Comments on reading chapters in Jain

This page contains some comments on the chapters in Jain that we have covered this semester. The assumption is that we are using this resource to become familiar with a reasonable working-set of knowledge of the tools and techniques of experimental Computer Science. Hence, we should read for concepts and intuition and patterns, not to compulsively memorize computational tricks or derivations. In the end, we want to be comfortable using these basic tools and know where to look up the details when the time comes!

Chapters Comments
1-3 An intro to the book. An easy read at the level we need.
12 Omit sections 5-7.
13 Omit sections 7,8.
14 Nice intro to the subject. If you read this chapter carefully,
you will see considerable repetition of themes in the
succeeding 9 chapters.
15 Sections 5 and 6 are nice. The rest can be skimmed.
16 A simple intro chapter.
17 Describes the simple case of material that is repeated
in Chapters 18-23.
18 Omit Section 8. The rest is very similar to Chapter 17.
19 Skip it until you need it.
20 Omit Section 8. Most of the rest should look familiar.
21 Omit Sections 7,8. Most of the rest should look familiar.
22 Most of it should look familiar.
23 Section 3 adds value. Most of the rest should look familiar.

CS 5014, C. J. Ribbens, 10/17/2001